Citizen Committees

Citizen Committees

Airport Advisory Committee

Ted Wiley 7-1-18
Ann Thomas
Phil McCormick
Gabrielle Stokes
Mike Gardner

Board of Adjustment

The board hears appeals to decisions by the zoning administrator in the enforcement of the zoning ordinance and may grant special exceptions or variances to the zoning ordinance. The board meets only upon request.

Mark Kimzey 1-1-21
Patricia File          
Dana Holmstrom
Bob Griffith 1-1-20
Sheila Kiesey      

Community Development Committee

The committee acts in an advisory capacity only concerning all applications for building and sign permits in the Mount Pleasant Revitalization District No. 1. This includes Central Park and the eight (8) complete blocks surrounding the park. The committee meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 a.m.

Steve Rod
Sheila Kiesey
Penny Rauenbuehler 9-16-17
Kurt Moon 9-16-19
Roger Beckman 9-16-18
Holly Frary
Amanda Rundquist

Construction Board of Appeals

The board hears and decides appeals requested by any person or party regarding the technical interpretation by the building and zoning administrator of the provisions of the city's adopted building, plumbing, mechanical and housing codes. The board meets only upon request.

Tom Tipton 3-9-16
Justin Lange
Mary Moon 3-9-18

Historic Preservation Commission

This Commission fosters pride in the legacy of beauty and achievements of the past, and promote the use of sites and districts of historic and cultural significance as places for the education, pleasure and welfare of the people of the city.

Jeff Thomas
Lea Bradley 1-1-17
Emilie DeWulf
Paul Tinder 1-1-18
Joy Lapp


Human Rights Commission

Research, investigate and study the existence, character, causes and the extent of discrimination in accommodations, employment, housing in the city.

Sal Alaniz 2-14-17

Library Board

This Board was created to have charge, control and supervision of the public library, its appurtenances, fixtures, rooms and to employ a Librarian.

Brian Carter 7-1-20
Martha Johnson 7-1-16
Carrie Muhs 7-1-18
 Don Hendrickson
 Ed Kropa 7-1-16
Don LeBlanc 7-1-20
Paulette Shappell

Mount Pleasant Area Development Commission

The City, County, Chamber of Commerce and area business have formed a Commission to promote economic development initiatives in Mount Pleasant and Henry County.

Alan Huisinga
Steve Brimhall
Dan McCabe

Regional Revolving Loan

The City of Mount Pleasant belongs to regional revolving loan fund to help businesses and industries with loan interest loans. This Committee makes recommendations to the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission on which projects should receive a low interest loan.

Steve Brimhall   (3 Year Term)

Park & Recreation Board

The Park Board advises the city on policies, programs, and facilities.

Denny White 6-1-16
Jennifer Lamm 6-1-16
Jim Carson 6-1-18
Tabitha Schimmelpfennig 6-1-17
Brent Rich


Planning & Zoning Commission

Responsibilities include recommendations to the city council regarding the comprehensive plan, zoning, site plans and subdivision development.

Brandt Knudsen
Amy Frantz 1-1-19
Anne Davidson 1-1-19
Jeremy Clark
Larry Brenizer 1-1-21
Shelley Walderbach
Terry McNair 1-1-21

Utility Board

The board of trustees shall have all of the power and authority in the management and control of the electric and water utilities.

Carol Nemitz 10-18
Dan McCabe 10-16
David George 10-19
Michelle Rosell 10-19
Harvey Ungerman 10-18

 (Denotes Chair)

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